Kart Suit

Sku: ZAX-1-101

Categories : KART Suits
The X-Light KS-7 karting suit is a ultra lightweight suit specifically designed for mobility and comfort. It features specially designed air intakes on the inner arms, inner thighs and lower legs that help cool the driver while driving. The X-Light KS-7 with precurved arms and full floating arm sleeves for comfort in the driving position. The stylish three-tone suit has half-moon stretch panel on the lower back for superior comfort and fit. The X-Light KS-7 is available in sizes from 44 to 64. Also available in kids sizes 120-150. CIK/FIA N2013.1 approved.

COMPOSITION: Polyester/Polyamide. Two-layer sandwich with overall weight of about 380/400 g/m².
CHARACTERISTICS: The X-Light KS-7 suit has two layers and complete armholes. Back panel and large elasticized knee inserts to increase comfort. Elasticized perforated panels at the armpits, inner leg and outer thigh allow the suit to breathe and thus minimize the condensation of sweat and improve comfort. Covered zip and lightened neck with perforated inner surface. Pockets and classic belt. Preformed sleeves.